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Common App

Applying to colleges can be a complicated process, but luckily there’s an application that can make the process simpler. The Common Application is an undergraduate college admission application that you may use to apply to any of more than 800 member colleges and universities. ... read more »

Community Scholarships

When applying to colleges, there are multiple sources of financial aid you can apply for that aren’t given out by the government or the college(s) you’re applying to. These scholarships could help you with the cost of college. The scholarships are based on different criteria and target different groups of people. ... read more »

Dual/Concurrent Enrollment

If you want to earn college credit while still in high school, you might want to try enrolling in a dual enrollment course. Dual enrollment is also known as concurrent enrollment and is when you are “enrolled” in two academic institutions at the same time. In essence, your school partners with a college, and you will be taking a college or college-level class while still in high school. ... read more »


FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This may sound complicated, but essentially it’s a form you can fill out to see whether or not you qualify for financial aid from the government. ... read more »

Financial Aid

If you are applying to colleges, you might want to try applying for financial aid from the specific schools you’re applying to. Financial aid can help lower the overall cost of your education. There are three types of financial aid: financial aid from the school you’re applying to, financial aid from the government, and financial aid from a third party. This article is going to be talking about financial aid from the school you’re applying to. ... read more »

Finding Housing

Housing can be very expensive on campus, so talking to the off campus support services department can be very helpful for figuring out living situations. They can help you find affordable housing off campus or roommates to split the cost of the housing and utilities, as housing off campus tends to be more affordable. They can also guide you to a neighborhood resource center and youth shelters available nearby. ... read more »


If you couldn’t get a high school diploma but still want to go to college or pursue higher education, you may be interested in the GED. The GED stands for General Education Development and is a group of 4 tests that if you pass will show that you have high-school level academic skills. It can serve as an alternative to a traditional high school diploma, and most schools will accept a GED in place of a traditional high school diploma (but there will also probably be more requirements for admission). There are multiple things you will need to do before actually taking the test(s). ... read more »

Letters of Recommendation

Maybe it’s too late, but start getting to know your teachers and forming positive relationships with them. The letter of recommendation will be more genuine if the teacher knows you well and likes you. Letters of recommendation are important because these are one of the only ways a schoo or institution will really get to know you. ... read more »

Standardized Testing

Standardized testing is an intimidating topic for most, but if you do it right, standardized testing can help you get into the college you want, and might even get you a scholarship. Once you reach high school, there are two main standardized tests: the SAT and the ACT. High schools in Colorado have shifted to the SAT in recent years, so that’s the test this article is going to be focusing on. ... read more »

Campus Food Vouchers

Sometimes, college students experiencing homelessness are forced to choose between paying tuition and buying living essentials. The lack of food is, in many situations a barrier to academic success. Food security is overlooked issue in the college life and but many schools and organizations are working to relieve the stress. Colleges and universities have programs that provide meals and groceries for college students experiencing homelessness. ... read more »


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